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Our Schools


A pre-school is a child's first long-term experience outside his home. In such a situation, ensuring the comfort-level of a child is very essential. A child blooms in an environment with a cheerful ambience. When a child is comfortable, he is able to interact better with both the teacher and other children.

At Kids Park, we ensure that the child feels as comfortable as he does at home. At the same time, we strike a balance by maintaining the discipline of a school. In the process, the child is able to discover his skills and talent as he is not intimidated by the environment.

All our schools have hi-tech infrastructure and 100% importance is given for child’s safety.

Our schools have hi-tech:
  • Indoor Learning / Play Zone
  • Outdoor Learning / Play Zone
  • Activity Lab
  • Audio Visual Zone and
  • Kids Library

Our Faculty

We believe that a teacher's skill plays a strong role in influencing the child's power to grasp and learn concepts. At Kids Park, we train the teachers in the best possible way and ensure that they are completely prepared for their responsibilities.

In addition to their educational qualifications and training we ensure that the teachers are warm and caring in their approach.

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