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Why Kids Park

The demand for quality Pre School education is growing by the day. There's dearth of individuals and institutions that can bring a change in this field. Individuals who value the importance of education and who can offer their time and investment can make a big difference.

It is an awesome privilege to be part of a child's life and make a difference that will last. Such an experience surely touches your heart and gives a sense of fulfilment. You too can have this rewarding experience and be closely associated with KidsPark, by becoming a franchisee. We bet you will have as much fun earning, as kids would have learning!

  • KIDS PARK offers a highly profitable business format franchise in the Pre School/ Kindergarten services. In simple words Low Investment – High Profits.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified and hence no compromise in quality.
  • Our unique franchise concept provides complete know-how to build and operate a successful Pre School.
  • We have a very transparent and high quality franchise support program in place.
  • Proven Success and Promising Future.
  • Easy reach curriculum at an affordable fee that will satisfy parents / children.
  • The best NO ROYALTY play school franchise in India.
Franchise Requirements
  • Anyone who value the importance of education and who can offer their time and investment can make a big difference.
  • Should be dedicated, hard working, love for kids and burning desire to become a successful Entrepreneur.
  • Should have enough investment capability as prescribed by KIDS PARK administrative panel.
  • Should posses a minimum area of 2000 sq feet(owned or rented) in a quiet and peaceful locality. The premises should be on the ground floor with an open outdoor area to match which will act as the outdoor play area.
  • Any educational institution such as primary-nursery schools, Secondary schools or any educational related institution having enough space and sound investment capability will be given priority.
Our Support

When you are looking for a sound investment opportunity, it is always wise to consider seriously one that involves an organisation with a proven track record. Kids Park International Play School is such an investment opportunity. It is backed by an established educational institution"TCSD COMPUTER EDUCATION" with a proven successful track record.

By being a KIDS PARK-Franchise owner, you will receive our year round constant support and potential assistance in every possible manner. Our helpdesk will assist you with every possible issue that may arise in setting-up or running a KIDS PARK branch. You will benefit from the presence of an organization that provides extensive Franchise benefits in the following ways:

  • If the franchisee partner is an educational institution an exclusive ISO 9001:2008 certification will be provided to the concern after proper auditing and inspection. The institution can use the tag line"An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution" in all of its academic and advertising materials. The ISO certificate will have a validity of 1 year which should be renewed year by year on the own responsibility of the Institution.
  • We provide a individual and independent website in the name of the institution.
  • Extensive training to adopt the franchisee to the KIDS PARK culture.
  • Business Management training to the Owner (Max: 2 Persons).
  • Curriculum oriented training to Teachers (Max: 5 persons).
  • Abacus Mental Arithmetic training to Teachers (Max: 5 persons).
  • Technical assistance in creation of infrastructure at competitive prices.
  • Concept planning, designing and supervising of layout of interiors.
  • Guidelines for launching of curriculum.
  • Timely visits by the support staff.
  • Free Online Software to manage the entire system.
  • Event-Support for occasions such as Annual Day, Graduation Day, Sports Day, etc.
  • Organizing seminars, Parents meeting using hi-tech digital presentations.
  • Local advertisement-layout, planning, concept designing and implementation.
  • Local promotional and marketing support which includes handbills, posters, banners etc.,
  • Corporate level advertisement support by means of mass-media equipments.
  • Pre-KG, Junior KG, Senior KG educational Materials - 1 Full set.
  • Abacus - Master Instrument and Trainee Instruments.
  • Abacus - Trainee Instrument 5 Nos.
  • Abacus and Kindergarten Computer Books.
  • Access to a proven business model.
  • No stress in designing curriculum, books, study material, prospectuses, advertisements etc.
  • Expert guidance and support from Head Office and other franchisees.
  • Day-to-day updations.
  • Non-Refundable Franchise fee.
  • No Other Kids Park Play School will be established in your area within a surrounding limit of 5 KMs.
  • All other Terms and Conditions will be mentioned in MoU.
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