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Our Curriculum

No single preschool curriculum bas been identified as best. Though it is now well established that following a planned method enhances learning of the children. KIDS PARK curriculum has its roots in the montessori philosophy and has also incorporated best practices from several scientific childhood theories, keeping in mind the Indian academic and cultural requirements.

KIDS PARK curriculum is scientifically designed based on strong research and tried and tested methods.

KIDS PARK curriculum is simple to implement and is extremely practical, and hence has become popular in a very short span of time.

The curriculum has been designed for an all-round development of the child, taking in to account their cognitive, personality, language, emotional and sensorial abilities.

Our Curriculum focuses on values and character development; We provide a value-based curriculum and a caring behavioural management program.

Children learn in an eco-friendly environment in consonance with an innovative methodology specially evolved by us. The entire curriculum encompasses highly systematic and step-by-step procedures ensuring learning by doing.

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