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What are the reasons to start a play school?
  • A growing recession free market - Awareness for quality Play School increasing.
  • Good income source.
  • Respect from the community.
  • Convenient working hours(9am - 2pm).
  • High degree of fulfillment as you are giving a foundation to so many children's lives.
What business qualifications does Kids Park seek in its potential play school franchisees?

The following qualifications, among others, are essential to be considered for a KidsPark play school franchise

  • Enjoy working with young children.
  • An enterpreneurial spirit and strong desire to success.
  • Willingness to devote full time to the day-to-day operation of the Kids Park play school.
  • Committed to the cause of providing good quality education to the children.
  • Ability to arrange financial resoruces.
Do you need to take any approval to run the Play School?

No. Preschool / Play School does not come under HRD ministry. It comes under Ministry of Women & Child Development.

However if you want to start in TamilNadu, you should take the approval from the TN Government’s School Education Department.

How Kids Park is different from other Play School Service Providers?

No single preschool curriculum bas been identified as best. However, in Kids Park we aim to provide a creative environment, which is both stimulating and challenging. Children learn best through doing and we give plentiful opportunities to explore experiment and discover with hands-on equipment and materials in an adult directed setting. We provide a fun and stimulating environment which will positively influence your child's learning and development.

What would be the ideal location?

In TamilNadu, we invite all private Samacheer, CBSE, Primary and Nursery schools to become a prestegious franchise of Kids Park.

Rest of India, residential locations are will be better for more enrollments. We have location checklist which helps us to evaluate the viability of location from both enrolment and child's safety point of view. So once you finalize the location we will visit the location.

How much space does it take to start a Kids Park play school franchise?

You would need to have a minimum of 1000-2000 sq ft or more on the ground floor with an open play area to match in a residential location. Independent access, attached wash rooms and good ventilation are the other mandatory requirements. As a general rule bigger the area better are the chances of securing the Kids Park play school franchise.

How much does it cost to start a Kids Park play school franchise?

Typically a new play school franchise will cost about INR 2,50,000/- to INR 10,00,000/- This cost would include the cost of ambience, equipment and start up franchisee fees.

How many years will it take to break even?

Normally, 12 months or when you reach a student strength of 50 to 60 kids.

Will you train our teachers for the Curriculum?

Kids Park, trains qualifying Franchisees in the Kids Park curriculum and delivery method, as well as business strategies for owning and operating a successful Kids Park franchise. In addition to this franchisees also take part in our continuing skill enhancement programs.

What support do I get from your company as a franchisee?

Branding support ,Structural curriculum, Teacher’s Training, Marketing and promotion, Academic Support so on and so forth.

Should we fix the fees as specified by Kids Park or we can fix it our own?

We recommend a fees structure which fits both facilities and area. However, franchisees have freedom to create their own fees structure.

How many teachers and care takers (ayaas) are requried?
  • That depends on whether you start JKG and SKG from the first year itself.
  • Teacher: Child ratio should be 1:20. For Playgroup and Nursery 1 teacher can handle the 2 classes.
Can I start with less space initially, and go for more after some years?

This is not recommendable. If you set up whole thing for Nursery, Playgroup, JKG and SKG at the first place then you will get good enrolments. Basically parent should get an idea that Play school will soon start JKG and SKG classes.

Can I start with less space initially, and go for more after some years?

This is not recommendable. If you set up whole thing for Nursery, Playgroup, JKG and SKG

Will you affiliate more than one franchise in a place / city / town?

Specific to region. But we will not affiliate new Kids Park franchise within 3 kms for metro cities, within 8 kms for municipal cities and within 10 kms in semi urban and rural areas.

Who will provide the uniform and study material kit?

We will provide the uniform and student kit at an affordable cost.

What is the Franchise Fee?

If you are interested... Contact us.

Can the Franchise Fee paid in instalments?

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